Created in 1924 by Charles Coutier, the great grandfather of one of the current associates, initially the company specialised in producing railway wagons.


Charles Coutier

The company was taken over by his sons Lucien and André Coutier in the 60s. The company then turned to sheet metal and hardware, in particular for the steel industry.


André Coutier

In 1976, Charles Coutier, André Coutier’s son and the founder’s grandson, created Ets Charles Coutier to perpetuate the initial activity while developing projects in other sectors such as the automotive or nuclear industries.

His curiosity resulted in the company innovating constantly over the years. Thus, in 1982 when working for the Cattenom nuclear power station, the company invented a door with a cover to lock safety ladders, which resulted in the filing of a patent. Coutier Industrie was then created in 1985 to meet the strong demand and allow the launch of a new range of access safety products.


Charles Coutier

In 2001, Coutier Industrie and Ets Charles Coutier merged on the same site in Basse Ham.

In 2012, Christian Pelser, a contract manager for many years, and Virginie Coutier joined the adventure and took the control of the company while perpetuating tradition and innovation.



Throughout this century of existence, shared values have guided the different generations: a passion for work well done, common sense and innovation.

Several generations have loved and still love a challenge.

“Tackling” complex issues such as special tools, high access safety, spurs us on.

We have always kept a genuine continuity and coherence in our activities while adapting to environments and periods and by adding a dose of innovation and creativity, it’s what makes us stand out.

So, by starting with railway wagons in 1920, we now propose specific logistics bases with motorised wheels. From installing armoured doors on the Maginot Line we have passed on to ladder access locks. And all that while developing insane projects: “fish elevators”, “monk lifts”, “cattle traps”, aircraft-proof doors…

Our passion is limitless. An in-depth knowledge of our clients’ issues allows us to provide simple, realistic solutions and change a specific need into a general one, to transpose the proposed solution to other clients.

The case of access locks (term coined by our company) is a perfect example because the door that was created met a specific nuclear industry need.  Since then, developed products have been generalised resulting in the creation of a complete range of standardised solutions.

Our commitment to and expertise in our sectors of activity are the guarantee of a complete offer combining safety and quality.


Installed at Basse-Ham in the Moselle region of France since 2001, Coutier has a 6,000 m² workshop on a 15,000 m² site with efficient and recent machine assets that provide responsiveness and complete production autonomy, in particular including:

  • Digital laser cutting
  • Lathes and machining centres
  • Digital command folding machines
  • Horizontal presses

Our company has its own in-house design office with 5 employees working on AUTOCAD, CATIA V5 and SOLIDWORKS design software.