coutier high access safety
rotating rolling bases
metalwork and architecture
Sécurisation accès hauteur ENG

Fixed ladder access safety (intrusion prevention systems, rest platforms, floor hatches, etc.)

Process industriels ENG

Intra-logistics supply chain, Line side handling and special machines, Specific production tools...

Serrurerie metallerie ENG

Over 100 years of experience and know-how in metal construction and hardware...

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A metal construction expert since 1924, Coutier puts its know-how and experience at your service to offer THE solutions to your needs. Thanks to an integrated design office and a complete set of efficient machine assets, our responsiveness and adaptability supports you through our turnkey services for:

picto condamnation accès en hauteur

High access safety

which we invented in 1985 (ladder access locks, rest platforms, hatches… on site safety diagnoses)

picto process industriels

Specific industrial process solutions

The development, production and installation of specific industrial process solutions (supply chain equipment, handling resources, line edge and workstation equipment)


Hardware-metalwork products

Traditional and specific hardware and metalwork products for industry and the construction sector